Scar Tissue Be Damned

39 in. x 40 in.
mixed media: cloth, wood, paint, images on paper, engraving, t—braces on a wooden pallet
©Maureen Kelleher 2008
Detail image with engraved text. Back to gallery 2
Engraved text on the work:
She stands on a small wooden box, in front of a mike and robed judges, and takes their legal licks. And then, with all due respect, she gives as good as she gets. I was burned and disappointed by my beloved. And then, with all due diligence, I let him go for forever.

Note Board: 14” t x 11.5” wide

My friend, Paula, is a lawyer and I ended up an investigator; we work on cases together. There was some similar trench history prior to our meeting. We had each been knocked to our knees; there were scars.

SHE prepared her client and his family for his date- and time-specific execution.

I walked around and around the cemetery. The movement and the dead markers were better than being home, where I cried and had only thoughts of him who no longer wanted me.

HER client did not die in vain; she learned, kept going, and saved others. Ms. Pitbull in an L.L. Bean dress.

MY tears and obsessive sadness eventually dried up.

We turned our talk to the current case.

Who knows how this one will turn out, but damn straight: our protective, then inhibiting, scar tissue had shapeshifted. She and I now had copious amounts of backbone rocket fuel. And with that we had each traveled light years from who we were to here and now.

Artist’s note: We live, we try, we fail, we get burned, and scar tissue forms around our hearts. Do we stop or do we continue? Onward.

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