Ovum Infinitum

66.75 in. x 47.5 in.
mixed media: wood, paint, cloth, screws, metal t–braces, engraving, cloth, nails, copper caps, on wood.
©Maureen Kelleher 2008
Detail image with engraved text. Back to gallery 2
Engraved text on the outside of the frame:
  • Outside Forces
  • 82nd Airborne
  • Ab Ovo Division
  • The Charge Up San Juan Cervical Hill
  • Barry White’s greatest hits, oh baby baby
  • Delta Force Fallopian Tubes
Engraved text inside the frame:
  • Latent Eggs / Latent Lives
  • Leopard eggs / Space alien babies
  • The ones that didn’t take / The ones that did
  • Ovum possibilities / Ovum infinitum
  • We are the potential world / Low carb nation
  • Hard boiled / Ovum continuum
  • Some of you will get legs / Some of you will slough away / Some of you will come out of this alive.

Artist’s note: The eggs! The sperm! The barriers that stand between them! And what made my egg so special that I turned into a zygote and then turned into a human being? Why didn’t I end up my sister?

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