I Saw Beauford Delaney Today

47 in. x 35 in.
mixed media: wood, painting, engraving, images, wire on wood
©Maureen Kelleher 2008

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note board

Engraved text on the work:
State of grace…mind.
Permission granted at 181 Greene Street, NYC
  • it’s okay to find your true love; it’s okay to be gay
  • it’s okay to be an artist; it’s okay to leave to succeed
  • it’s okay to be very smart; it’s okay to come back home
  • it’s okay to be above most of the others; it’s okay to be confused
  • it’s okay to shine; it’s okay to tell it like it is
  • it’s okay to be black in white America; it’s okay to be black in Europe
  • it’s okay to make your way, whatever way you can
  • it’s okay to go off and think about it

Artist’s note: This is a piece about painter Beauford Delaney and writer James Baldwin. Delaney was a mentor and good friend for Baldwin and vice versa. Their friendship lasted 40 years. They talked about how to negotiate a meaningful life in 1940ís America.

A portrait of Baldwin, by Delaney, is the perfect representation of their 40 year friendship. Iíve put that painting on a note board. (See note board)

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